Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Kamran Hooman - Ageh Eshghe Man Tou Nisti

Kamran Jafari (Persian: کامران جعفری, born November 25, 1977 in Tehran, Iran) and Hooman Jafari (also is written Houman, Persian: هومن جعفری, born November 23, 1980 in Tehran, Iran) are two brothers and singers residing and working in Woodland Hills, California.
The two brothers immigrated to America from Canada and said that they are Canadians. Hooman participated in a number of talent shows in Canada and did modeling in some fashion shows.
Kamran had his artistic break with the group "Parvaz", which included himself, Hengameh, and Fereydoon. The group released one album and had a hit song with "Iran, Iran" with the help of Ramin Zamani. They are at the moment helping harris rahimi become one of the best.



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