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Shadmehr Aghili ( Mahal )

Shadmehr Aghili, musician, singer, composer, actor was born on January 27, 1973 in Tehran. Shadmehr's father died when Shadmehr was only a young student. Young Shadmehr began studying music with the encouragement of his brother and mother. He learned to play the piano and the violin just before he was 8 years old. The guitar is also an instrument which Shadmehr learned to play in a dexterous manner. After the Iranian Revolution of 1979, he entered a school of arts in Tehran and in a short time showed great intelligence in composing and playing music.
After receiving a music diploma, when pop music was forbidden in Iran, Aghili entered the "music school of television". Around 1995 the first pop music permitted after the revolution was played on official Iranian television. This was dramatic music with Ahmad Shamlou's poetry read by Khashayar Etemadi.
Aghili composed a great deal of music for other singers. Finally, in 1997, his first album was presented, Bahare Man, which was a collection of classic and folkloric music played and arranged by Aghili (violin, guitar, piano, keyboard). In the same year his voice was heard in Mabood, his first vocal music, and afterward he continued work that resulted in Mosafer, his first complete vocal album which became the best selling album.
In 1999 he created a revolutionary album, Dehati, with rock and roll, 6'8 beats, and popular rhythms. However, none of his songs were permitted to be played on public media (i.e. TV). Shadmehr worked hard to get a permission for his Adam o Hava, an album that was supposed to be released in 2001. However, not only he did not, but also, he was banned to work as a singer, musician, or to appear on TV shows.
Having left with no better choice, he decided to leave Iran in 2002, in order to continue his music in Canada, away from any restrictions. Khiali Nist, Adam Foroush, and Popcorn are his most recent albums released in Canada and the United States. In addition, Shadmehr acted in two movies, namely, Pare Parvaz (2000) and Shabe Berahneh (2001).
In October 2006, Shadmehr entered the United States to perform a U.S. tour with his first concert date scheduled for November 17, 2006 at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C. Mahasti's last album was composed, played, arranged, and produced by Shadmehr. Shadmehr now is working on his new album Sabab. Shadmehr enjoys playing and composing music more than singing.



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